Eden Medical is the first Medical Facility in Romania that is based on full CBD cannabis extract. The staff working in the medical facility has experience working with full CBD cannabis extract, so that the patient will benefit from all the advantages of using full CBD cannabis extract.

Eden Medical Clinic is located on Abrud Street, no. 80, Sector 1, Bucharest, at the intersection of Bd. Ion Mihalache with Turda Street, and it is easily accessible using public transportation, such as tram 41 or bus line 300.


Patients are asked to come to the Eden Medical Clinic with all their medical history and a valid ID.

Immediately after the initial consultation, if the doctor decides that it is necessary to use the full CBD cannabis extract, you will be prescribed a Full CBD cannabis extract administration scheme and you can start from that day.

Yes, you can get diagnosed at the Eden Medical Clinic, in the limits of the expertise of the physicians who work there.

Yes, Eden Medical Clinic has developed a line of Full CBD cannabis extract products that can be purchased from both at the medical facility and on the web site.

The medication will be purchased based on the recommendation made by the doctor and the Full CBD cannabis extract comes in 10 ml bottles, green in color, with a pipette, to ease the administration and to guarantee the correct dosage.

The cost of the Full CBD cannabis extract differs depending on the total CBD concentration in each bottle, and the detailed prices are found on the “Products” page of this web site.

The price of the consultation differs in the sense that the first consultation, the one in which the doses are determined and the reason for which the CBD will be administered, is different in price from the follow-up consultation and the doctor needs a shorter time to evaluate the patient. You can find the detailed prices of the consultation on the Get an appointment page of this site.

The consultant physician is the one who chooses what product is needed depending on the pathology and the clinical picture of the patient.

No, the full CBD cannabis extract is not addictive.

Efectele secundare, dacă apar, sunt individuale, deci diferite de la un pacient la altul. Majoritatea efectelor secundare sunt obișnuite, ele fiind parte a acomodării pacientului la tratament, cele mai frecvente fiind: gură uscată, stare de amețeală/confuzie, oboseală foame

The side effects, if they occur, are individual, meaning that they are different from one patient to another. Most of the side effects are ordinary; they are part of the patient’s adjustment to treatment, the most common being: dry mouth, dizziness / confusion, tiredness, hunger.

What is the difference between CBD products recommended by the Eden Medical Clinic and other similar products found on the Internet?

The products offered in the treatments of the Eden Medical Clinic are certified organic, have passed all the quality tests required by the European Union and are created in collaboration with doctors who have experience using the full CBD cannabis extract, so that their effectiveness is maximal.