Our team

At Eden Medical, we believe that CBD treatment is more effective under the guidance of a doctor.
You can receive medical support both in the clinic or in a video call from anywhere in the world.



Graduated from the Medical Cannabis Institute in the USA, specializing in treatments based on cannabis. Head of medical staff at Eden Medical clinic in Bucharest. Has been treating CBD for many years and trains doctors using CBD.



Head of the pain department at Ichilov Hospital (Israel Leading Hospital), who has been treating CBD for many years and did a lot of researches on the subject of using CBD in inflammation is one of the medical staff at MEDICAL EDEN, which trains doctors in accordance with research made by him for years based on using CBD


Dr. Teodorescu Doina

Family doctor and alternative therapies based on medical cannabis.


Dr. Ben H. Amit, MD MSc

Senior psychiatrist and pharmacologist, holding an MSc in Pharmacology from Oxford University, as well as executive education from MIT and Stanford. Head of the Medical Cannabis Clinic at Reuth Medical Rehabilitation Center and senior fellow in the Israeli Center on Addiction, affiliated with Tel Aviv University. Advisor to the Israeli Ministry of Health’s Cannabis Unit.