What is CBD?

CBD Oil is produced from the cannabis sativa plant.

The company has four types of oils with CBD concentrations of 5%, 10%, 15, and 20%.

Full spectrum naturally contains more than 165 terpenoids, flavonoids and cannaboids. These are natural compounds extracted from the cannabis sativa plant and act in a holistic and complete manner containing concentrations of cannabidiol molecules (CBD) which are the dominant in oil which is full spectrum along with other components such as: THCV, CBN.

CBG and more. Which results in every drop of oil the consumer actually uses the full range of medical components (detailed description of the composition of the materials in the laboratory is attached hereto).

* No psychoactive effects. All products meet EU legal definitions of hemp and hemp products.


A document published by the World Health Organization‘s experts committee at 2017 defines the cannabinoid CBD  as medical and non-side effects, from epilepsy and anxiety to diabetes and cancer, the  CBD  can be efficient and effective treatment with the potential for full healing.

Even further, it summarizes that it is a substance that has many potential medical traits that do not involve side effects or are accompanied by danger of injury as a result of excessive use. The research conclusions conducted by the Committee raises that  CBD  helps in the treatment of 17 different diseases and medical conditions, in a way that is even more effective than a variety of conventional medications used to treat these situations.

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