Planet of Remedy Hemp seeds oil with 10% CBD 10ml

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CBD: 10% or higher

THC: 0.0%

Natural and organic Hemp  oil.
Obtained using a high quality CBD crystal.

Does not contain any additives or synthetic ingredients.

This is NOT a narcotic / psychoactive substance or toxicological drug in any way.

Made in Spain


Way of administration:

The CBD oil should be used under the tongue, three times per day, different numbers of drops each time depending the illness. After the administration the oil should be staying on the mouth (under the tongue) 5-10 minutes. On this period the person should not eat/drink anything to let the oil to be absorbed properly. Mouth administration is the best way (considering cost/efficiency), because if it is swallowed, the gastric acid digest the oil and it will not have therapeutically properties. Before the administration it is ok to eat something.


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