Our vision

Eden Medical is the first medical facility in Romania specialized in alternative therapies using cannabis extract.

The clinic is located in the center of Bucharest and is the only medical Center in Romania, and one of a few in Europe, allow CBD oil – based treatments.

Our vision is to be the most experienced cannabis team in Romania and treat each patient individually, focusing on his / her specific condition and needs.

Our medical team has extensive experience in using cannabis extract, especially the one that contains only Canabidiol (CBD), as an alternative or adjuvant therapy. Our team will make use of all its expertise to help our patients who decide to start an alternative or adjuvant therapy with cannabinoids, each patient being treated individually, on the basis of the principle that each patient is unique!

We are the most experienced team that uses cannabis in Romania and we treat each patient individually, focusing on their specific condition and needs.

Medical staff at Eden Medical provides treatments and support in different fields, such as:

–  Treatment of cancer patients

–  Treatment for relieving strong pains and migraines

–  Treatment of anxiety disorder

–  Treatment of epileptic seizures

–  Treatment of diabetes

–  Treatment of psoriasis and different skin diseases

–  Strengthening of immune system

The Medical conforms to all the standards of the European Union.


At Eden Medical, we believe that CBD treatment is more effective under the guidance of a doctor.

You can receive medical support both in the clinic or in a video call from anywhere in the world.

We also hold medical trainings at on-site conferences, workplace conferences (these days are subject to the Covid-19 virus restrictions) as well as online video conferences.

The conferences are leaded by well-known experts physicians with many years of experience in treating with cannabis.

If you are interested in attending a training or ask for a group training conference, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.